The swing "Svvving" is designed for a maximum interior height of 3 or 5m. ( ropes 4.5m in option)
Svvving must be installed on solid and compact surface carriers: as reinforced concrete, solid wood beamsor steel beams, with appropriate anchors and hooks. For security reasons, and if in doubt, consult a contractor specializing in building.

Safety swing installation.

After checking the quality and solidity of the carrier ceiling.

See also > Safety Use.  Optimal safe load: 120kg

  1. Drill two holes in the ceiling at a distance of 75 cm and 7 cm deep witha drill bit for conctete 12mm.
  2. Insert the anchor bolt steel in 2 holes drilled, cleaned before.
  3. Tighten firmly with a screwdriver the brackets to the depth of the washers and that their "eyes" are not face to face but aligned.
  4. Hook both sets of ropes in parallel so that their end is at least 50 cm above the ground.
  5. On a firm horizontal support of about 60 cm high, put the seat "Swing" to level, and pass the end of the ropes in the 4 holes in a knot flexible.
  6. Adjust the seat height to make it parallel to floor, by tightening 4 knots, we recommend 55 cm.
  7. Repeat operation of step 5. by tightening further 4 knots, if necessary until a satisfactory result.
  8. Swing gently to check the robustness of the installation and the appropriate level. The knots are tighten under the weight of the body.
  9. Cut the excess rope preferably with a hot blade. (or cold after having wrapped the rope by large adhesive tape, cut in the middle of the tape)
  10. Align the heights of the 4 aluminum taken in hand by using the key inbus provided. (we recommend 30 cm). Enjoy it well with moderation...

Drill 2 holes to a depth of 7cm.
Diamond drill bit, diameter 12mm.

Thoroughly clean the holes carefully.

Insert the steel dowel anchors provided.

Screw the hooks provided to the puck.
Tighten with a screwdriver.


Tighten the nut with a spanner 13mm.