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The Svvving Box set includes:

Svvving and ropes 2.5m for a maximum interior height of 3m, or ropes 4,5m (in option ) for a maximum interior height of 5m.
2 strong hooks with appropriate anchors for installation in the ceiling of reinforced concrete,
1 Inbus key to fit the taken in hand.


not for childrenSvvving is designed for adults.
Children can use the swings under the supervision of adults.

The swing "Svvving" is designed primarily for interiors and dry environments.
However, it can be placed in open outdoor spaces but covered (verandas, terraces).
Too much sun or humidity is not an ally for Svvving and can cause damage.
The upholstery in high quality is guaranteed for one year under household use.
Cleaning the upholstery must be done dry. (This applies especially to traditional fabrics in wool, dyed with natural dyes).
The leather seats should be maintained according to the methods used to maintain the leather upholstery and clothing.

cautionFor your information.
Resistance ropes : 2000 kg.
Resistance hooks/anchors : 400 kg.x2
Resistance seat : 300 kg



The producer company disclaims any liability due to improper installation and misuse of the material provided.
The producer company can not be, under any circumstances, liable for the improper use of equipment  causing property damage and/or injury.



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